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Where to buy CBD oil in Seattle? With most dispensaries in Seattle not stocking CBD oil that is derived from Hemp, It can be quite difficult to locate. We have listed a location in this article, but would also love for you to consider us. We offer fast, affordable shipping and will beat all of our competitors on price and quality, we will even offer you free shipping on your first order using the code NOSHIPPING.

Why should you buy your CBD oil from us?

Because feeling good should be simple, but what does that mean exactly? We believe it starts with an incredible quality product that is rigorously 3rd party lab tested. You shouldn’t have to question the quality of the CBD oil you are purchasing, and the lab tests should be readily available and easy to understand (click here for ours).

Being human is tough, our lives are often stressful and sometimes even painful. We here at Dollar-a-Day CBD hope to address this with a simple CBD oil solution. We offer one product, at one price and ship our product right to your door - no gummies or gimmicks.

Our product is a full-spectrum, whole plant extract CBD oil, derived from organically grown US phytocannabinoid-rich hemp, non-GMO, with no residual solvents. It contains a wide range and percentage of non-psychoactive cannabinoids while maintaining less than .3% THC.

We also strive to have complete transparency so if you ever have any questions feel free to email us at, DM us on Instagram @dollaradaycbd, or call us at 647-262-5796.

Where can I purchase CBD products in Seattle?

When you need a trusted source for CBD oil, you can always count on Dollar-a-Day CBD. Although we only offer one product at one price, we guarantee incredible quality and reliable shipping every single time. On top of this, we also offer a no questions asked, money back guarantee on all orders. Although, if you’re still set on purchasing your CBD from a retail location, we have listed a location below.

  1. Uncle Ike's Pot Shop Central District
    Address: 2310 E Union St, Seattle, WA 98122, USA
    Website: Click here
    Phone: +1 800-438-3784

After all this, if you’re still having trouble finding a CBD product that’s right for you, or have found that nobody can match us on price & quality, please feel free to place an order right here through Dollar-a-Day CBD. We will ship right to your door in 2-5 business days at an almost unbeatable price!


Been dealing with insomnia my entire life & nothing (including melatonin) has helped. I’ve FINALLY been getting some sleep using this CBD. I've also noticed I’m less anxious & haven’t been getting my usual daily migraine (thank god).