How can you tell if CBD oil is high-quality?

CBD oil is a wonderful supplement with many benefits. Unfortunately, as it grows in popularity, numerous brands and producers are coming out with products promising the best quality without substantiating their claims. However, there are a few ways consumers can check these claims to find out which CBD oil is actually good quality.

The first method is to find out the manufacturing process of particular oils. Extremely cheap oils may use cheap methods of extraction, which use toxic solvents such as propane and butane that are bad for our health. The best and cleanest methods of extracting CBD oil use pharmaceutical-grade ethanol or an even more advanced method called supercritical CO2 extraction.

The next way to verify the quality of the CBD oil is to verify the quality of the materials used. It is best to get CBD extracted from (cannabinoid-rich) hemp. Hemp is a hyperaccumulator, which means it easily absorbs anything present in the soil - this can include heavy metals and other toxins.

The best way to verify the quality of your CBD is if the product is third-party tested for the active ingredients in the oil. There should be a batch report available detailing the categories on the company’s website. These batch reports are commonly referred to as a “certificate of analysis” (COA). It is also best if the product is manufactured in a registered lab that follows cGMP standards and AHPA guidelines. The Realm of Caring has a public resource that covers all of the quality concerns that a customer should have.