Whether you’re just beginning your journey with CBD or have been relishing in the benefits for quite some time now, we hope that the scope and accuracy of our guide will leave you adequately informed. To develop this guide we’ve collected and summarized, numerous articles and studies in an effort to combat the increasing amount of misinformation. It goes in depth on topics such as, “The History of CBD”, “What is The Endocannabinoid system?”, and “Proper Use”. 

We’ve all heard the incredible success stories surrounding CBD oil. At Dollar-a-Day CBD we’ve developed our product and our guide to directly combat the misinformation and accessibility issues. By only selling one product at, one size, and one dosage on a subscription basis, we’re able to minimize overheads, cut out the retailer, and distributors allowing us to provide a premium product at an extremely competitive price. We sincerely hope that you enjoy “CBD For Beginners” and if you have any comments or concerns, please email us at